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Monday: 9am-6:00pm

Tuesday: 8am-5pm

Wednesday: 8am-5pm

Thursday: 8am-5pm

Friday: 7:30am-1:30pm



Dr. Panoske


At Panoske Family Dental we provide quality dentistry for patients of all ages. We offer a wide variety of dental services including preventive, cosmetic, restorative and

re-constructive dentistry.  We pride ourselves on our patient-centered practice. We do everything possible to make dental visits a pleasant experience for our patients because...

"We are the best at what we do!"

Panoske Family Dental

2727 6th Street, Monroe, WI 53566      Phone: (608)325-6129      Fax: (608)329-4377

  Email: office_manager@monroedc.com